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RPG PB Icons

About RPG PB Icons

RPG_PB_Icons was started after I (captainoats) decided to make blank icons of celebrities for people to use as PBs in RPGS they are involved in. I couldn't find an active community to post them in, so I started my own. This community is closed, meaning only I can post in it, but you can friend the journal to keep track of all of the icons.

Requesting Icons

To request icons from me (only icons for RPGing, please!), simply go to the request post and fill out the request form. I'm taking 5 requests at a time. REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN.

Using Icons

Because the icons are not customized, if you request a set, anyone may use them for a PB for their character. All I ask for making these is a credit to the community rpg_pb_icons either in your RPG Character's userinfo or in your icon keywords. Simple, right?

To find icons I've already made, check the memories of this community. They are organized by celebrity, so everything is easy to find. :)